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TOSCA project rewarded by the Alain Vatrican 2013 Prize within the RAMOGE Initiative

19/06/2013 in evidenza News

Laura Cimoli, a student from the University of Genoa, was given last June the first Alain Vatrican Prize (ex-aequo) for her works on the pollutants dispersion and in particular, her particles modelling approach. For achieving her project, Laura Cimoli relied on experimental data collected during the TOSCA campaign in the Gulf of Trieste (April 2012)

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Simulating meeting and results conference in Greece

20/05/2013 News

On the 30th and 31st of May, a two-days conference will take place in Alexandroupolis (Greece). This event will be the occasion to present the TOSCA methodology and main results of the project to the main key stakeholders in Greece.

Simulating meeting and results conference in Greece
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A more precise and up to date knowledge of surface currents

14/04/2013 News

Fine tuning drift pathways
The TOSCA project observational network was set up in five high-risk areas and has shown that data from radars and drifters can provide real-time visibility of coastal surface currents. HF radars are the only way of obtaining a synoptic view of these currents, within reduced error margins of a few kilometres and a few hours.

Images from the radar observing system in the Gulf of Trieste (Italy)
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TOSCA tools complement existing operational systems

14/04/2013 in evidenza News

Drifters put through their paces

The accuracy of oil spill drift forecasts based solely on mathematical models is subject to uncertainty based on the approximations made when models are set up. TOSCA has shown that this uncertainty can be reduced with the help of live observation.

Preparation of drifter during the experimental survey in Greece
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