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TOSCA tools complement existing operational systems

14/04/2013 in evidenza News

Drifters put through their paces

The accuracy of oil spill drift forecasts based solely on mathematical models is subject to uncertainty based on the approximations made when models are set up. TOSCA has shown that this uncertainty can be reduced with the help of live observation.

Preparation of drifter during the experimental survey in Greece
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Correcting existing forecasting models - The LAVA software

14/04/2013 News


By blending radar and drifter data, it is possible to enhance oil slick drift forecasts. This is what TOSCA partners have observed thanks to LAVA. Customized for the TOSCA project, this software was tested with data gathered during observation off the coast of Toulon

The black dots show the successive positions of the floating buoys used, the green dots correspond to those predicted using the mathematical model
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TOSCA findings and vision for the future

14/04/2013 News


After almost three years of tests and experiments, TOSCA has now gained currency as a tool capable of enhancing oil slick tracking models, enabling more accurate tracking of drift pathways following maritime accidents. Current results are however based on limited periods of observation

Drifter released in the water during TOSCA experimental survey in the Gulf of Trieste (Italy)
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TOSCA presented to the Center of documentation, research and experimentation on accidental water pollution

14/02/2013 News

On 11 February 2013, at the request of the Maritime Prefect of the Mediterranean, French project partner of TOSCA project, Anne Molcard, scientific coordinator of TOSCA presented the first results of the project to the CEDAR management team.

Visit to the to the Center of documentation, research and experimentation on accidental water pollution (CEDRE)
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