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TOSCA tools complement existing operational systems

14/04/2013 in evidenza News

Drifters put through their paces

The accuracy of oil spill drift forecasts based solely on mathematical models is subject to uncertainty based on the approximations made when models are set up. TOSCA has shown that this uncertainty can be reduced with the help of live observation.

Preparation of drifter during the experimental survey in Greece
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Headed for Balearic Islands

25/10/2012 in evidenza News

Here we go for the 4th TOSCA experimental survey. It is currently taking place off the coasts of Balearic Islands.

On the 25th of October, 5 partners of the TOSCA project have come on board of the research vessel Garcia del Cid with the equipment developed by the project.

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2nd TOSCA experiment in the Trieste test site (April 2012) – Study of surface currents in the Gulf of Trieste by means of drifters, HF coastal radars and models

04/05/2012 in evidenza News

The 2nd TOSCA experimental survey took place in the Gulf of Trieste between the 23rd and 27th of April. In this framework, 40 drifters were released to monitor for the first time the surface circulation and to study the dispersion in this area.

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Details on the planning of TOSCA experimental surveys

28/03/2012 in evidenza News

As part of TOSCA activities and in order to assess the performance of the observation and prediction system developed by the project, circulation and dispersion experiments will be carried out in five selected coastal areas of the Mediterranean sea.

Exemple of optimized drifter deployment schema in the Gulf of Trieste
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