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Trajectory tool: Track and forecast

04/12/2012 News

The monitoring and predicting components developed by the project has been combined into a practical tool so as to track specific objects or oil spills and get early responses for mitigation. CDRIFT-TOSCAv1 is a web-based interface aimed at tracking the trajectories of oil spills or search-and-rescue operations on the ocean surface.

Trajectory tool: Track and forecast
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Headed for Balearic Islands

25/10/2012 in evidenza News

Here we go for the 4th TOSCA experimental survey. It is currently taking place off the coasts of Balearic Islands.

On the 25th of October, 5 partners of the TOSCA project have come on board of the research vessel Garcia del Cid with the equipment developed by the project.

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TOSCA Project presented to SAR services in the Mediterranean

04/06/2012 News

During Spring 2012, the TOSCA project has organized several meeting with SAR services around the Mediterranean.

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TOSCA transport models to be evaluated using past incidents

14/05/2012 News

TOSCA recently developed model will be soon evaluated on the basis of existing data coming from past dramatic events.

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