Anne Molcard (MIO), Scientific Coordinator of the TOSCA project describes the first sea campaign

29/04/2012 News


"The first TOSCA in situ campaign took place in December 2011. From November, the installation of HF radar was achieved. The installed radar provided, in real time, the cartography of surface currents, along the Var coasts, with the coverage of 50*50km2. On the first of December, two gliders equipped with pressure, temperature, water salinity sensors and able to measure the depth were released in the water.

On the 10th of December, we took on-board the oceanographic navel URANIA together with specialist from MIO, the partner ISMAR-CNR and University of Aagean. As soon as we reached the zone covered by the radar, the analyses started: CTD measures (conductivity, temperature and depth) and release of drifters.

After 5 days of intensive measurements, the Joaquim storm forced us to go back sooner than expected. Fortunately, we had the time to collect a whole set of data which will give us a three-dimensional image of hydrological and dynamical characteristics of the Region. This result will be compared with existing forecasting oceanic models to understand and correct errors. Data are still being processed but we can hope thanks to their richness they will provide the results we expect. "

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